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Hall Rentals

Please See Important Message from your Board of Directors

Hall Rental Inquiries should be directed to Anna Mendes, by appointment only. Click here to submit an inquiry.  

Rules and Information concerning Hall Rental:


Social Hall License: You must be a *member of the Portuguese Club of Hartford in order to rent.  As such you are allowed to rent the social hall for yourself or IMMEDIATE family.  

*refer to membership application for fees


Schedule of Rental: Mondays thru Sundays 


Hour of Rental: all day as needed starting at 9 AM, however, end hours must be established as follows:

Mon - Thrs close at 9 PM

Fri -  Sat close at 1:30 AM

Sun – 9 PM


Cost of Rental:  A flat rate of $100 per hour for meetings (i.e. meeting of 3 hours is $300)

Mon – Fri 

1st year member - $900

2nd year member - $800

3rd + year member - $700



1st year member - $1100

2nd year member - $1000

3rd + year member - $900



1st year member - $650

2nd year member - $600

3rd + year member - $550



Use of Kitchen: this includes just using to put food in Frig or assemble food utilizing tables in kitchen.  Fee is $200 


**Security Deposit: $400 must be paid day contract is signed

To secure the rental you must:  Sign the contract; leave a deposit of at least a $100 towards rental fee, and you must pay the Security Deposit.  


i.e.:  Sat rental 1st year member

Rental:     $1100

Kitchen:    $200

Security:   $400


Total:        $1700

Deposit:    $500 Minimum


Alcohol purchase for event:  Due to Hall’s Liquor Permit ALL alcohol must be purchased and served through the Hall.  Your alcohol order for your event must be placed and PAID for with our Stock Room Director 3 WEEKS before your event.

  • Refer to alcohol menu for all that we have available

  • We can also special order something for you in advance (discuss with Stock Room Director)

  • Any alcohol purchased but not opened at end of event we will gladly take back and refund you the cost.  Special Orders, however, are yours to keep and we will not refund you or take them back

  • You are responsible for all mixers that you may want to use for specialty drinks, including limes/lemons/cups specialty napkins

  • The bar service we offer includes Coke, Diet Coke, Cranberry Juice, Soda Water

  • You may bring to your event any soda beverage we do not offer i.e. orange soda, grape soda, ice tea, lemonade

  • Bottled water may be purchased from club if ordered


Bartenders:  We offer Bartenders, when and if we have capacity the charge is $100 due the night of the event, paid directly to them.  If you choose to have your own Bartender they must be a reputable standing member of the Hall/club.


Your Obligation as a Renter: After your event, in order to be able to get your **Security Deposit back make sure that all decorations are removed, including floating balloons that got away, no boxes left anywhere, all bottles and cans must be returned to bar for proper disposal.  All garbage must be properly bagged and tied.  All tables are properly put back at side of Hall by windows and chairs stacked on top of them.

Kitchen must be swept, no food left anywhere (Frig, oven, stove top, tables or sinks); sinks must be left clean as well as the tables in kitchen.

Any garbage that is left on the outside grounds of the Hall as a result of your event will be assessed and we may keep the Security Deposit if there is damage.


If you wish to utilize the Hall the day prior to your event, for decorating purposes, there is a charge of $100; the $100 will not guarantee the date but it will hold it for you.  Should there be interest in the rental by another person of that same day, we will always reach out to you first and give you the option to keep the day but you would have to pay the full rental fee.  If you choose to forfeit the day we will refund your $100.


All balances for rental must be paid 2 weeks before event, if unable to do so we will only ACCEPT CASH or Bank check after the 2 week deadline.

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